Engaging migrant communities in the promotion of the rights of the child


Home 9 Child protection systems in national contexts. The cases of Italy, France, Cyprus and Greece 9 4.4 Legal framework and mechanisms on child protection in Greece

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By the end of this module you will be able to:


  • • Recall the legal framework on child protection in Greece
    • Evaluate the legal regulations on child protection in Greece
    • Recognise the national competent authorities on child protection

Legal framework on child protection in Cyprus

  • Law 2101/1992, which ratified the UNCRC
  • Law 3500/2006 aiming to combat domestic violence
  • Law 3625/2007, which ratified the Optional Protocol to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography
  • Law 3727/2008, which ratified the Lanzarote Convention for the prevention and protection of sexual violence against children
  • Law 4351/2018, which ratified the Istanbul Convention on the prevention and combating of violence against women and domestic violence

National competent authorities on child protection

Type (Public/ CSO)


Main services


Public authority Police

24h hotline (100). Reports and complaints. The main public authority in managing child-abuse cases



Public authority Greek Ombudsman/ Ombudsman for Children

The main authority in cases of violation of children’s rights. It functions as a protection and defence mechanism. It collaborates with public services or other authorities to meet the children’s needs.


Public authority

National Centre for Social Solidarity (“EKKA”)

Hotlines (197, 1107), Emergency Centers for women in crisis and their children, Hostels Shelters for sheltered women and their children victims of abuse, trafficking, exploitation. Coordination Service for UM’s accommodation and asylum applications.
Coordination of Child Protection Actions for the support and collaboration among child protection service providers


Public authority

General Secretariat for Demographic and Family Policy and Gender Equality

24h hotline SOS 15900. Providing psychological support, legal counselling, temporary residence.



Ministry of Education

Implementation of programmes and collaboration with NGOs and Civil Society for the access of refugee and migrant children to education.
Operation of Reception Structures for the Education of Refugee Children.
Operation of Intercultural schools

Ministry of Migration and Asylum

Responsible for the safe access of refugee and migrant children to services to cover their primary needs in the Reception and Identification Centres, and in other accommodation facilities.

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Allowances (child, birth), Programmes for access to nurseries and day-care centres, Adoption and foster care, Preschool Education and Training




Smile of the Child

Defending the rights of the child. Providing psychological support, medical care, and accommodation.
National SOS Hotline 1056/ European Hotline 116111/ European Hotline for Missing Children 116000

Network for Children Rights

Child protection, implementation of education programs, organisation of socio-cultural activities